American Candy Taste Test 2

I loved doing my last candy taste test so I decided to do another one! I bought a load of Candy from Candy Hero and there was so much that this post will be in two halves. Today I’m going to do American candy and next week will be more Candy and snacks from around the world!

It’s really weird trying candy for the first time because some things are really different to what you expect. One thing that I thought would be my favourite I actually hated.

Mallow Cups

These came in a pack of 8. I didn’t think I’d like these very much because I’m not a fan of marshmallows. They were pretty much as we expected, Marshmallow inside a chocolate cup, except they had bits of desiccated coconut in. I love coconut but you couldn’t taste it and it just left you with bits in your mouth when all the marshmallow and chocolate had gone.

The chocolate was a bit weird, like cheap advent calendar chocolate or that chocolate coating you get to cover cakes with. I really liked the middle which was like a fluffy marshmallowy fondant.

Billy – 7/10 Hannah 5/10.

Tootsie Frooties

We tried Tootsie rolls in our last taste test. I bought two types of fruity candy by Tootsie and this was the first. I was a bit worried as they looked like little bits of plasticine. They were pretty chewy but smoothed out and coated your mouth which was weird.

We tried strawberry and fruit punch flavours and although they tasted a bit artificial we really liked the fruit punch as it tasted like the sherbet in a dip dab.

B – 7/10 H – 5/10

Tootsie Fruit Chews

This was the second fruit product for Tootsie. I wanted to know what the difference between the two was. These were slightly larger and come in different flavours. We liked these more as they tasted less artificial and reminded us of Starburst. The only thing we didn’t like was that the colours of the wrappers didn’t make us think of the flavour inside e.g. vanilla was in a blue wrapper.

B – 9/10 H – 7/10

Annabelle’s LOOK! (Mini)

There’s no clue in the name but this one is dark chocolate covered nougat with peanuts. I was so sure I’d love this one as I loved all the peanut flavour candy last time. I was SO disappointed. It tasted like dirty dishwater and I wouldn’t eat one again EVER.

B – 3/10 and a big fat 0/1 from me.

Annabelle’s Abba Dabba (Mini)

Another Annabelle product that I was looking forward to. ‘Chewy taffy bar filled with peanut butter’. You might as well just have a spoon of peanut butter because the taffy has no flavour and you’re left chewing it long after the peanut butter has gone. It would be OK if you like plain things but it was pretty boring.

B – 2/10 H – 3/10

Annabelle’s Rocky Road (Mini)

This was the nicest one out of all the Annabelle’s ones. Marshmallow with cashew nuts and covered in milk chocolate. The chocolate didn’t taste creamy like milk chocolate (certainly no Cadbury Dairy Milk here), it tasted more like dark chocolate but a bad dark chocolate. It could have done with more cashews too because we couldn’t taste them and they were only little pieces. 16p each past date or 33p normally.

5 and 4 out of 10

Laffy Taffy

This had the same texture as the Tootsie Frootsies so it kind of coated your mouth when it warmed up a bit. We didn’t agree on this one as Billy liked it and the Grape flavour whereas I though it tasted of lipstick. Flavours including Strawberry, Sour Apple and Cherry.

8/10 and 4/10 (no prizes for guessing which score is which).

Dark Peanut Chews

I was expecting this to be a whole bar but it’s about 8 little individual sticks. It was like a Snickers without the nougat and with dark chocolate instead. Because it reminded me of Snickers, the dark chocolate was a nice change but it wasn’t particularly good dark chocolate. It didn’t taste that sweet to begin with but it got sweeter the more you chewed and ended up very sweet. We thought the peanuts could have been crunchier as it needed a bit of a bite to go with the smooth caramel.

B – 4/10 H – 8/10

Mini M&M Blasted Rice Krispy Treats

I wasn’t looking forward to this because I’m not a cereal fan and I thought it would be bland and boring. It also comes in original, chocolate chip,  double choc chunk, toffee and caramel choc chunk. It was gooier than I expected but Billy informed me they are just like Rice Krispy squares we get in the UK.

We didn’t think much to the M&M’s as they were only on the top and you couldn’t taste them at all. They could have mixed some M&M’s into the Krispies but what I thought it really needed was a big thick layer of milk chocolate on top. The bar itself was really nice which I wasn’t expecting at all. in fact, it was probably my favourite thing out of all the Candy so far.

B – 9/10 H – 8/10!

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