Breakfast By Bella

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I agree! I eat breakfast every day as I’d get so hungry waiting for lunch otherwise. Usually my go to breakfast on a weekday is porridge because it’s quick to make in the microwave, is healthy and you can add nice toppings (although I usually have banana and maybe a bit of peanut butter). I’ve been stuck in a bit of a breakfast rut recently and have been getting bored of my porridge but then I discovered Breakfast By Bella.

breakfast by bella

I was lucky enough to be sent some granola from Breakfast By Bella. I don’t usually eat granola unless I’ve made it myself because it can have so much sugar in it but all the granola from Breakfast by Bella is refined sugar free. It’s also gluten free and uses organic ingredients and most importantly for me it s vegan! I’ve been trying to cut out animal products so it’s great to find a tasty breakfast that’s easy and also vegan.

breakfast by bella vegan

There are three flavours available at the moment – Peanut Butter Me Up, Nutty Nosh and Cacao Crazy. The thing that I find amazing about all three is that the ingredients list is so short! It makes you think about what is actually in supermarket cereal and granola because clearly most of it is not needed. You can also tell that the ingredients are good quality. I love that there are big, whole nuts in the granola and the sticker on the back which tells you who packed the bag!

There are lots of breakfast combinations to be had. I like my granola with Alpro plain yoghurt and fruit. One of my favourite breakfasts is a breakfast sundae – I layer yoghurt, fruit and granola in a glass and it actually makes me excited to get up and have breakfast!

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