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Mickey Mouse Ombre Cake and Cupcakes

I’ve recently had my kitchen registered with the council so I can sell cakes! I make a range of buttercream cakes including rainbow and drip cakes – if you’re in the Nantwich/Crewe area and need a cake you can get in touch to discuss it. Here is a Mickey Mouse ombre cake and cupcakes I made recently.

disney Ombre Cake and Cupcakes

This was a cake I did in October for a friend. It’s a 6 layer red ombre cake with a Mickey Mouse design in sprinkles. I also did 6 Mickey Mouse cupcakes. The recipes are all adapted from ones available on this blog so I thought I’d link to them instead of rewriting them.

mickey mouse Ombre Cake and Cupcakes

Ombre Cake

For the ombre cake I used a similar method to the one I did for my rainbow cake. I just changed the rainbow colours for varying amounts of red food colouring (remember to leave one plain for the top layer).

After covering it with buttercream I used a template for the Mickey Mouse face and then surrounded that with red sprinkles. The edges were hard to do. I ended up picking up handfuls of red sprinkles and pressing them onto the sides (and dropping them all over the kitchen floor).

Ombre Cake and Cupcakes recipe


I used my plain vanilla cupcake recipe and simply added two Oreos for the ears. They were so simple but looked great. I use a Wilton 1M tip in a piping bag for the big Mr. Whippy style buttercream swirls.

Ombre Cake and Cupcakes oreoif you enjoyed my Mickey Mouse ombre cake and cupcakes take a look at my galaxy cupcakes!

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