My Cupcake Toppers Review

Update: My Cupcake Toppers is now Edibilis. Please click here for an updated review and discount code.

Cupcakes are my favourite thing to bake because they’re so flexible. You can do loads of flavour combinations and decorate them in lots of different ways. I’ve used cupcake toppers before as I find them really handy, especially when I’m doing lots of cupcakes and want them all to look uniform or when someone wants a theme for their cakes like the James Bond Cupcakes I made a while ago.

I’ve actually used quite a few cupcake toppers recently for a graduation and an 80th birthday so when I got the opportunity to try out some products from My Cupcake Toppers I jumped at the chance. There’s lots of ready made designs including Christmas themes or you can design your own cupcake toppers and there’s even an in house design service if you need help designing some personalised ones. Keep reading for a discount code to get 10% off at the checkout!

The toppers come in standard rice paper, premium rice paper or icing toppers which are a disks made of thin icing and come on a plastic sheet. There’s different sizes to choose from too, from 1 inch disks to an A4 sheet.

I wanted to try a selection of what was on offer so I got a mix of sizes and types. As Christmas is getting VERY close (oh yes it is!) I ordered some Mickey Mouse Christmas designs on standard rice paper and a classic Christmas selection made from the icing toppers. I also got some Cath Kidston standard rice paper ones which is one of their best sellers and I used their ‘Design your own‘ service to make some Sweet Pea’s toppers in different sizes of premium rice paper.

The personalised Sweet Pea’s toppers were great. The design tool was so easy to use, you just upload your design, select what size and type you’d like and resize your design to fit. You can even add extra text! I ordered twelve 2.13 inch and thirty 1.5 inch toppers. I thought the smaller ones would be too small but I was wrong and both sizes were suitable for your average size cupcakes.

I’ve never used anything like the icing toppers before but now I’m hooked! Because they’re made from icing you can mould them so there’s lots of different options for decorating. I used them like normal toppers but I also had a go at moulding them onto the top of the cupcakes so they were domed.

If you’d like to try out some cupcake toppers you can use the code SWEETPEAS10 to get 10% off your order.

I was sent these cupcake toppers to review but all views are my own.