V REV Manchester Vegan Diner

In January I set myself the challenge of not eating meat for the whole month and that month has kind of turned into 9. I won’t lie, every now and then I do eat meat but one thing I haven’t had for those 9 months is chicken. I think it’s because we used to have pet chickens and when I really thought about it I didn’t want to eat something I’d had as a pet. We were out in Manchester a few weeks ago to go to Jump Nation which is one of those trampoline parks that are popping up at the moment. It was really fun but I saw at least three people hurt their ankles in the 45 minutes I was there, one of them being Billy who ended up in casualty later on that night (after much persuasion). After we’d done all that exercise we went to V REV Manchester which is a totally vegan diner.

All credit for finding this place goes to Billy (and even more credit for him actually eating there because he’s a pretty picky eater). I was so excited to actually have a proper choice of meals! It seems a bit small inside but I’ve read somewhere on the internet that there’s another room that I didn’t see. We had booked anyway because I get hangry when I have to wait too long for food. We sat down and ordered an apple juice and a ‘lemony lemon’ and had a good look at the menu. They do a good range of ‘beefy’ and ‘chkn’ burgers, ‘sammiches’ and even loaded fries.

v rev manchester

In the end I went for the ‘Jerry Zinger’ chkn burger because I haven’t had chicken for so long. Along with the spicy fried chkn it had ‘cheez’, house salsa, lettuce, lemon and herb mayo and a hash brown all in a bun with fries. They make their ‘meat’ out of seitan which I’ve never had before. I don’t usually like the taste of meat substitutes (i.e. Quorn or Soya) but after months without chicken I could hardly tell the difference. It had the texture of a chicken burger and tasted great too. It did feel a bit weird eating it because it was JUST like I was eating chicken but I soon got over it. The lemon and herb mayo gave it it’s zing but I wasn’t a big fan of it. I loved everything else about the burger though, especially the hash brown!

v rev manchester

Billy had the ‘Top of the Pops’ popcorn chkn wrap with lettuce and cheez (without mayo and salsa) and fries and he liked it! I was so happy because he’s a picky eater and I thought he was just grinning and bearing it for me. The only thing he didn’t like was the cheez. It was more of a sauce than melted cheese which is a big no no for him hence no mayo and salsa.

They have a dessert cabinet which I didn’t let myself look in because I was too full for dessert. They do milkshakes and also have lots of milk options for tea and coffee. On the way home I was regretting not getting a milkshake as I really fancied one half way down the M56. I’ll definitely be back because I really enjoyed myself and I wouldn’t hesitate to bring my meat eating friends either.