Vegan Barcelona Guide

Barcelona has just been revealed as the third most vegan friendly city in the world by Happy Cow and has seen a massive 173% growth in vegan friendly businesses since 2022! I spent a couple of days in the city to try some of these places and put together this vegan Barcelona guide.

Vegan Cat Bar

A cat themed (there’s no actual cats here) vegan bar with a menu of mainly burgers and local Catalan beers. I’m a big cat lady so I had to visit here! The food is great and I’d highly recommend the patatas bravas which were the best thing I ate all holiday! They were just so soft on the inside but crispy on the outside! I had a black cat burger which has black beans in and my husband had the tof-ish and chips which were both really good and the tof-ish is actually gluten free too! You can also have a little taster of the beers if you’re undecided on what to get! Lastly, it just has a really nice atmosphere and I loved the cat themed artwork!

Super Vegan

Bacon hot dog, super vegan

Sometimes you just want a burger and fries and if that’s you, this burger counter located in the basement of Arena mall is for you. It’s not anything ground breaking but after a long day of walking around Barcelona it was exactly what we needed. There are so many different burger and hot dog options with different toppings. I went for a Bacon hot dog which also had bbq sauce, gherkins and crispy onions on. It sounds a bit usual but these are some of my favourite things so of course I had to try it and I have to say it work! You can order just a burger or hot dog or you can get it with fries and a drink. It was actually very filling and the hot dog itself was a large portion. The man serving us was really helpful and friendly and talked us through our options. If you visit here I also recommend going up to the top floor of the mall where there is an outside terrace with good views of the magic fountain.

Alain Pizza

Alain Pizza, vegan Barcelona guide

There’s only one vegan pizza at this take away pizza place although you could make your own by picking your own toppings. I went for the option on the menu, ‘the veggie’, which is clearly labelled vegan. The crust was so crispy and they were very generous with the toppings too!

Debby’s Good Veggie Food

Debby’s good veggie food cakes

I was so lucky to have accidentally booked a hotel close to two fully vegan bakeries! We actually visited on my husbands birthday for a slice of cake and it really did not disappoint. The cakes in the counter we’re labeled (and my Spanish is limited to very basic greetings) so we just went with what looked best. I picked a doughnut that was loaded with toppings which the lady said was like Kinder Bueno (luckily Kinder Bueno is the same in English and Spanish) and my husband had a slice of Oreo cake. They both had this amazing mousse like filling which I’m still trying to work out how to make myself. They were also really nicely presented. We both agreed that they were some of the best vegan cakes we’ve had, and coming from a vegan baker that is a big compliment! You can also get a savoury lunch here and on Sundays they do brunch.


Natury cinnamon roll

We were drawn in by the cinnamon rolls which came in different flavours but they also have a selection of cookies, cupcakes and cake and also coffee. We tried the original cinnamon roll and a ‘Nutella’ one which was a normal cinnamon roll with chocolate hazelnut topping. They were both so tasty but the Nutella one was my favourite. The person who served us explained how to warm them up perfectly in the microwave.

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