Vegan Iceland Guide

I spent 5 days in Iceland mainly travelling around Reykjavik, the Golden Circle and Keflavik. Here is my guide to a vegan Iceland.

Grocery shopping

Vegan Iceland bonus

Grocery shopping for some of your meals in Iceland is a great way to save some money in a country renowned for its cost. In a few of the places we stayed we had a kitchenette so we could make breakfast and sometimes sandwiches to take with us.

We went to both Bónus and Krónan supermarkets which both had good vegan options. It’s important to check the opening times before you head out as they may not be open for as long as you might think.

We bought staples such as bread, oat milk and cereal and also snacks and things to go in sandwiches. A quick tip for finding vegan foods is that Milk is Mjólk and Egg is… well it’s Egg, and allergens are labelled in bold like they are in the UK and many other places.


Gló vegan Reykjavík

There a four branches on Gló in Reykjavík all together and one is fully vegan. We planned on going to the vegan one but accidentally ended up at the one on Laugavegur right by all the main shops in Reykjavik. It was no problem because they have a lot of vegan items on their regular menu too.

I had the soup of the month (which I think is always vegan) which was coconut curry soup. Its exactly what you need on a cold Icelandic afternoon. Billy had the veggie burger which came with sweet potato fries and sauce. The burger patty was nice and has lots of beans in and the sweet potato fries were nice (and a nice change from regular fries). It was a bite weird that there was only bread on the bottom and not on the top like you’d expect on a burger but it didn’t take anything away from it.

They also have a nice selection of cakes and desserts.

Loving Hut

Since our trip to Iceland a few branches of the international chain Loving Hut has opened. They offer a mix of Asian and Western casual dining and even have a buffet option at some locations.

Unfortunately since our trip in 2019 a few of the places I originally reviewed have closed down. It’s an important reminder to support your local vegan businesses in this difficult time. If you like this vegan Iceland guide I have more vegan guides of cities such as Toronto, Venice and London

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