Vegan Kind Subscription Box May

I totally forgot about my Vegan Kind subscription box this month so you can imagine my surprise when the post man knocked the door and handed this to me! I’m usually counting down the days until it arrives but clearly I hadn’t quite realised we’re well into May already. Man, I’d better start planning my birthday cake for next month!

You know how this works by now so without further ado let’s get stuck in!

Belvas Flaked Chocolate Truffles

We’ll start with the important stuff – Chocolate. These 72% cocoa truffles look amazing! I can’t wait to tuck into them (it says they’re great for sharing with your favourite people but share isn’t a word in my vocabulary). I don’t know what more I can say about these as they speak for themselves.

vegan kind subscription

Montezuma’s Dark Chocolate Chilli bar

I saw a lot of Montezuma chocolates around at Easter so I was excited to find this in my box. I’m not really a fan of spice but I make chilli chocolate flapjacks and I love them so I know how chilli and chocolate can go together.

I Love Snacks Californian Smoked Almonds

I love nuts but I’ve never had smoked almonds before. I can’t wait to try them. I think it’s great that they come in portion sized bags because I can go a little overboard with nuts. It’s very easy to eat more than a portion in one go because I find them very moreish! Also, I think this brand was made for me wit a name like I Love Snacks!

YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks

vegan kind subscription sweets

If you know me you’ll know I much prefer chocolate over sweets. However, I loved the Biona Pomegranate Heart Sweets in Februarys box so  am looking forward to these. They feel pretty similar through the bag and I liked the less chewy texture of the Biona sweets so I hope these are like them.

Turmerlicious Choco Latte

I’ve never had a turmeric latte before but I am up for trying new drinks especially when they contain cocoa! All you need to do is add hot water so you can take this with you if you’re on the go. I might even take it to work as a change from my berry tea (boo hoo to being the only person who doesn’t drink milk). It also comes in ginger, vanilla and chilli chocolate.

Rice, Lentil and Quinoa Herby Geosticks

vegan kind subscription snacks

I’m a big fan of ‘crisp alternatives’. My fav so far have been Hummus Chips, Lentil Puffs and Rice puffs so I am looking forward to adding this to my list!

BetterYou boost B12 Oral Spray

vegan kind subscription b12

I really pleased this was in the box. I recently started taking vitamins but then I got really ill and convinced myself the amount of vitamins I was taking was destroying my kidneys (probs can’t even happen but the mind is a powerful thing) so I’ve stopped taking them until I feel better. B12 is something non vegans seem to take really seriously once you tell them you’re vegan so in the future when someone suddenly becomes concerned about my intake I think I’ll just get this pray out and wave it in their face.

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