The Vegan Kind Subscription Box

While doing Veganuary I realised that there are loads of snacks you can eat if you’re vegan. You might have to cut out the ones you’re used to (hard at first!) but once you find some really great alternatives it gets easier. This is where the Vegan Kind Subscription Box came into my life.

There are two types of Vegan Kind Subscription Boxes. The beauty box (£15 +p&p and you get a mix of skincare, beauty products and cosmetics) and the Lifestyle Box which is what I got. It’s £10 a month +p&p and they send 5-8 vegan products sent to your door a month.

Looking back at past boxes on their website you seem to get mostly food products with something extra like a candle or hand wash type thing in each box. Here’s a look at what I got in the January box –

I love unboxing surprises and so does one of my cats, Fliss, apparently! Can you spot her in the photos?

Vegan Kind Subscription Box lifestyl

These Hummus Chips and Brave Roasted Peas were two of the savoury snacking items. I haven’t tried either yet but I have tried some similar things before so we’ll see if they’re what I’m expecting! I’ll probably take these for breaks at work.

Vegan Kind Subscription Box products

My favourite part – sweets! These Rhubarb and Custard sweets from the Free From Guys are vegan, gluten free and sugar free! I can’t wait to try the Organica golden coconut delight bar because chocolate and coconut are two of my fav foods.

Vegan Kind Subscription Box

here is something I have tried and loved. Vegan squirt cream! I tried it on top of a vegan hot chocolate and it was delicious. It’s maybe a bit thicker than your regular squirt cream. A little marshmallowy maybe? Anyway, it was so nice to indulge in a hot chocolate with cream when I thought that would be something I’d have to miss out on.

The porridge is great (you know I love y porridge in the mornings). It’s very creamy but not very sweet. I sprinkled a bit of coconut sugar on top but some sweet berries would do the trick too. It’s really quick to make in a pan too. Perfect for on the go mornings.

I haven’t tried the Mac-Alfredo yet but I love macaroni cheese so I’m looking forward to trying this sos much. The only problem I have is that it doesn’t tell me how many servings is in a box! (I get to eat it all then right?)

Vegan Kind Subscription Box book

Last but not least I got the ‘Fat Gay Vegan’ book. I’ve not started reading it yet because I’ve got so many books on the go already. Fliss seems more interested in the food.

I can’t wait for my next box to arrive in February already. After just one box I’m already seeing that there are lots of tasty vegan snacks out there!

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