Vegan Kuala Lumpur Guide

When you think of the best cities for vegan food Kuala Lumpur might not be the first place to cross your mind. However there are loads of vegan options including plenty of fully vegan restaurant. Here is my vegan Kuala Lumpur guide.


vegan Kuala Lumpur curry laksa

The name Sala is an acronym for Salvor a Los Animales (save the animals) and also means living room in Spanish. This fully vegan restaurant has a few locations in Kuala Lumpur and serves a mix of Mexican food such as tacos and burritos and Malaysian food including Nasi Lemak. We shared a Curry Laksa and some Future Nuggets. The curry laksa was full of flavour and a big portion (if you order from the A La Carte menu the portion is smaller).

Minf Houze Vegan Cafe

Minf Houze vegan cafe Nasi Lemak

Minf Houze Vegan is located on the top floor of Wisma Cosway. Don’t be fooled by the empty shops as you walk into the mall, you go right up to the top floor and follow the signs and Minf Houze if tucked into a corner of the building. They have a large menu of Malaysian dishes with lots of pictures which helps if you don’t know what to order.I had the Nasi Lemak which was delicious, I especially loved the crispy mushrooms. I also had a caramel bubble mylk tea which was very large. The staff are really helpful and explained the ordering process to us. We had a lot of our drinks left when we finished our food and the staff were happy to transfer it to a take away cup.

Dharma Realm Guan Yin Sagely Monastery

Dharma Realm Guan Yin sagely Monastery

If you’re looking for a great experience I would highly recommend eating at this Buddhist Temple. It’s a popular lunch spot for locals on their lunch break so I recommend getting there by 11.30am. Also remember this is a real temple so you should dress modestly. All of the people serving and making the food are volunteers and it’s basically a big vegan buffet with rice, noodles, veg and mock meat dishes.

When you get there you go to the left of the building and there is a covered walk way which you follow to the back of the temple and this is where the food is. You go anti-clockwise around the room, pick up a plate and put whatever you like on it. Only take what you can eat as its important not to waste food. There is also a table with drinks and another with snacks on. Then to pay take the plate to the cashier (cash only). Cutlery is just past the cashier. I believe that you are charged according to how many different items you get so you will pay more if you get small amounts of lots of things than if you fill your plate with just a few options. Drinks and snacks are individually priced. When you have finished put your dirty plates and cutlery on the table (just watch where other people put theirs and follow what they do).

Our two plates with about 5 types of food each, a chrysanthemum tea and a pack of sesame cookies came to just over 18 ringgits which is just over £3.

The Hungry Tapir

the hungry tapir kl

The hungry tapir is a vegetarian restaurant with a bar and most of the food is vegan (you can add egg to some items). We had lunch there and ordered from their ‘nibbles to share’ menu. We had the arancini balls, ‘phish’ cakes and spicy tempeh fingers and it was enough for two people for lunch. It is more on the expensive side for Malaysia but still cheaper than western prices. Their all day breakfast menu looks great too!

Kelava Ice Cream

Kelava ice cream kl

This is a fully vegan ice cream shop located in Berjaya Times Square (in the same food hall as Sala). They have a good variety of flavours including your usual flavours like chocolate and some flavours you wouldn’t normally see back home like onde onde. Another place that is quite expensive compared to other food in Malaysia but not compared to UK prices.

Putu Bambu Tradisi

Putu Bambu

This Putu Bambu stall is located outside Central market and lists its ingredients as rice flour, tapioca flour, pandan leaf, palm sugar and coconut. They are cooked inside bamboo which gives it it’s shape and has a soft cakey texture. I really loved these and would recommend trying them, especially if you want to try pandan.

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