Vegan London Guide

London is one of the best cities I’ve been to for vegan food. There’s such a variety of cuisines that you can have something different every day. Here is my vegan London guide.


123V is a restaurant and bakery by Michelin starred chef Alexis Gauthier. The menu brings together favourite dishes from around the world from their bottomless sushi and Korean fried chick’n burger to tres leches cake and pan au chocolat. It is currently located at the BFI Fitzrovia, near the British Museum, but we visited the Fenwick location before it closed. I had the KFC burger which is a chick’n burger with sriracha mayo, sweet gochujang sauce, kimchi, pickled radish and watercress. It had so much flavour and even bite tasted a bit different to the last. I had fries with mine (which were delicious) and my husband had chickpea fries with his burger which I think is a nice option for something a bit different.

They also do a self service lunch buffet with a daily changing menu including hot and cold food and salads.


Mildreds vegan London Waffles

Mildreds is 100% vegan and has 5 locations around London which all have their own style. I went to the Kings Cross restaurant for weekend brunch. We had a classic brunch which is everything you expect on an English breakfast but vegan and we also had waffles with a scoop of ice cream. Very indulgent but what a treat! The portions are big and you can tell its all lovingly made and the staff were really friendly and chatted with us. Mildreds also own Mallow which has two locations in London. Mallow is also 100% vegan and focuses on sustainability.

Mildreds vegan London Big brunch

Neat Burger

Neat Burger london

When I first visited Neat Burger they only had one location. Now they have 8 locations in London, one in NYC and another in Dubai. Their success is not surprising considering just two of the investors are Lewis Hamilton and Leonardo DiCaprio! They focus on food that is better for the planet and better for people too. The neat patty is one of the best vegan patties I’ve ever had and the tater tots are addictive! It can be on the pricier size, the cheapest combo (burger, drink and fries) I found to eat in is £10.50 but the quality is worth the price in my opinion.

Temple of Seitan

Temple of seitan

Temple of seitan is a vegan fried chicken shop in Camden and Hackney. They serve all the flavour of your traditional chicken shop but vegan including chicken burgers, wraps and wings. The popcorn bites are my favourite. Fun fact – if you’re familiar with the Hot Ones Youtube channel where celebrities eat hot wings of varying heat, this is where they get their vegan wings from. Yes, they actually fly them from London to New York!

Crumbs and Doilies

Vegan london Crumbs and doilies

I have always loved Crumbs and doilies, in fact its one of the things that inspired me to start my own cake business. They mostly have non vegan products but they also have a nice little selection of vegan cupcakes and cookies which rotate daily. When I first visited they only had one cupcake option which was chocolate but since then they have added more flavours and usually have a couple of cupcakes and a cookie every day. They do sell out though so get there earlier in the day to make sure you don’t miss out!

Doughnut Time

Vegan london doughnut time

You can find Doughnut Time all around London. They always have vegan options and since I’ve been they have added many more vegan doughnuts. They all have quirky names like ‘Pump up the Jam’ and ‘Claudia Sprinkleman’. They are expensive but large so you could share one. My top tip is to go for one with less buttercream icing on top as it can be a bit too much. The filled ones are my favourite!

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