Vegan New York Guide

I’ve been to New York four times. Twice as an omnivore, once as a vegetarian and once as a vegan. Here’s my Vegan New York Guide from my last visit.


Beatnic New York vegan New York

Beatnic (formerly By Chloe) is a fully vegan restaurant offering burgers, sandwiches and salads. It can get busy at lunch time so I suggest getting there early. I had the BLT sandwich which was made with mushroom ‘bacon’ and my husband had the Guac burger which is still on the menu today and both were full to the brim with fillings. I also love the sweet potato fries and Mac n cheese which I ordered when they used to have a branch in London. 

Vegan london By Chloe

Marty’s V Burger

I had followed Marty’s V Burger on Instagram for years and after seeing the mouthwatering photos I couldn’t miss the chance to try their food. They specialise in burgers and vegan fast food and their burgers include chick’n, ‘beef’ and crabby with lots of toppings and loaded fries. They can also make some of their burgers gluten free which is great because vegan and gluten free options can be hard to come by sometimes.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Vegan New York Van leeuwen

This ice cream brand has a few shops in NYC including at the Rockefeller Center and Hudson Yards. They serve dairy ice cream but have a good selection of about 10 vegan flavours made with oat or cashew milk. The vegan flavours are quite inventive (think ‘cookie crumble strawberry jam’ and ‘peanut butter choc chip’) and they even have vegan chocolate sauce and whipped cream!


Schmakary’s Yogi bare

The first time we walked past Schmakary’s there was a queue outside the door so we knew we needed to try out their cookies. They have few vegan options and all flavours are on rotation. I had a Yogi Bare with peanut butter, oat, raisins, raisins, nuts and seeds. Other vegan flavours include Cookie Butter Bliss, Peanut Butter Cup and Hibiscus Strawberry. I’d definitely recommend for a sweet pick me up on a busy NYC day.

Schmakary’s Cookies


Places to eat in NYC dough dulce de leche

When I went to Dough I was vegetarian and they didn’t do any vegan donuts. However they have recently developed a vegan donut so I thought I’d give them a shout out! Currently their vegan flavours include glazed, cinnamon sugar, hibiscus and blood orange. The photo above is of the non vegan Dulce De Leche I had in 2016.

Unfortunately a few of the vegan places I originally reviewed have since closed down. My favourite was The Cinnamon Snail who now do online cooking classes showing you how to make your favourite vegan food from different cuisines.

If you liked this vegan New York guide I have more vegan travel guides including Iceland, Vancouver and Toronto.

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