Vegan Singapore Guide

Singapore is a great place for Vegans to visit due to the large number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the Country. Here is my Vegan Singapore guide.

NomVNom Bistro

NomVNom bistro vegan singapore

There are 3 NomVNomlocations in Singapore and one just across the border in Malaysia. I visited the Clarke Quay location which is located on floor 3 of the Clarke Quay Central Mall. Clarke Quay is a very popular tourist destination at night but is great for a quiet walk along the river or a peaceful boat ride during the day.

There is a very large choice of food at NomVNom including burgers, pizza, pasta, udon and rice. I had the Toon Rendang Rice which was a big portion, the rice was cooked to perfection and the rendang was so tasty. I’d say this is a great place for a family or group to eat due to the large variety of different foods. They also have a lot of drinks options including beers, fizzy drinks and hot or cold teas (highly recommend the peach passion fruit iced tea).

Love Handle

Love handle burger

I’m going to put this disclaimer at the very start of this recommendation so you can make up your own mind. A lot of the products at Love Handle are made with Impossible Meats. They do not contain any animal products but one of the ingredients was tested on animals in order to obtain FDA approval. If you’d like more information this article by Oops Vegan is really helpful at explaining it.

If you’re OK with that I’d highly recommend Love Handle. They started off as Asia’s first plant based butcher online and then opened their ‘deli’ with a plant based butchers downstairs and the restaurant upstairs. They have a nice mix of burgers, main dishes like chicken and pancakes and beef ragu, and sides. I had a cheeseburger which was amazing (although I admit at the time I didn’t realise about the impossible burger controversy). I’d say this is a great place to try out if you don’t mind that one of the ingredients was once tested on animals, or for people who are vegan curious.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre


Our hotel was directly across the road from here and we were looking forward to trying out some food. Unfortunately the two places I had found that did vegan food were closed when we were there. The two options were Hao Hang Ju Cooked Food which is apparently all vegan (although obviously I didn’t get the chance to ask), and Yuan Yuan which does serve dishes with egg so be aware of that.

In the end we just tried some dessert options. We went to Old Amoy Chendol, they specialise in Chendol and its the only thing they serve. They shave ice and pour over coconut milk and palm sugar and top with Azuki Beans and pandan jelly. It was interesting to try and was very welcome in the afternoon heat.

There is also Xin Xuan Pancakes which have peanut, coconut or red bean fillings. These are a great breakfast or snack.

An Acai Affair

An açai affair

This is a chain that sells açai bowls and we went to the one in the basement of Changi Jewel. I found it was a great pre flight snack as they come in a few sizes so you can choose depending on how hungry you are. Some of them contain yoghurt and honey but the dairy free ones are clearly marked on the menu and the staff were really helpful when I was asking about honey. I’d recommend the coco glow which is dairy free and honey free (as long as you don’t get a honey drizzle, you can have choose which flavour drizzle you have and I went for peanut).

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