Vegan Toronto, Canada Guide

Toronto is continuously voted as one of the best places in the world to be vegan but what are the highlights, which area has the best vegan food and how much can you try in a few days in the city? Here is my Vegan Toronto guide where I spent a couple of days finding the best and most convenient food.


Fresh started out as a pop up juice bar in 1991 and they now serve plant based meals and goodness from nine locations in and around Toronto. From burgers, tacos and salad bowls to cold pressed juices and coffee, there’s something for everyone no matter where in the city you are. They also have a gluten free menu with lots of options that are adaptable from the regular menu.

Top tip: not to be confused with freshii, a chain that does have a few vegan options but is mostly sells meat, dairy and eggs, and can be found in many locations around Toronto.

Mavericks Burger Co

Maverick burger co vegan Toronto

This burger restaurant sells the most amazing waffle fries! The all vegan menu also has ‘chicken’ tenders (the best my husband has ever tried apparently), slaw and loaded fries. I had the BaconCheese burger which was great and they come in quite big portions too!


PLANTA has three locations in Toronto and more across the border in the USA. PLANTA Queen and Yorkville are more upscale and the menu consists of East meets West cuisine including sushi, pasta, pizza and salads whereas PLANTA Cocina is a more casual offshoot which offers Mexican food.

Saigon Lotus

Saigon lotus

This was our favourite meal in Toronto! A fully Vegan Vietnamese restaurant located near Kensington village and Chinatown, this is the biggest vegan menu I’ve ever seen! The atmosphere and decor inside are great and it was busier than expected on a Thursday night. I can highly recommend the spicy lemongrass vermicelli bowl (not too spicy) and the boba milk teas come in a wide choice of flavours and plant milks.

Kupfert & Kim

Not only is this local chain of eight restaurants vegan but they are also gluten free! They serve healthier options like smoothies, salads, toasts and bowls.


Cinnamon sugar beaver tail vegan Toronto

Beavertails are a Canadian pastry which are fried and topped with different things. There’s three locations in Toronto and there are a few flavours that are ‘vegan friendly options’ (you have to ask for the vegan version when ordering). These are the classic (cinnamon and sugar, very nice with just the right amount of sweetness), Killaloe Sunrise (like the classic but with lemon), apple pie or cocoa vanil (very sweet, great if you need a sugar rush!)

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