Vegan Vancouver, Canada Guide

Vancouver is one of the most vegan friendly cities in Canada. With tons of vegan restaurants with varied menus, there’s something for everyone here in my vegan Vancouver guide.


This was my favourite restaurant in Vancouver and with three locations in Vancouver and another in Victoria you’re bound to come across one.  We got delivery from MeeT in Yaletown and it was exactly what we needed after our flight across Canada. The ‘Little mountain of fries’ is exactly as described, it’s a gigantic portion and they are some of the nicest fries I’ve ever had! I also had the mucho gusto burger which I can’t stop thinking about. There were so many toppings and the black bean patty was delicious.

Chau VeggiExpress

This Vietnamese outlet is at the Granville Island food court. Granville island is a must visit in Vancouver if you’re a foodie so it’s great to know that there are vegan options. From Pho, crispy rolls and fresh rolls to coconut shakes, tea and kombucha, it’s a great stop off if you’re in the area.

Fritz European Fry House

Vegan poutine Fritz European fries house

If you want to try poutine this is the place for you! They serve meat and dairy but they have a great vegan option and I think poutine is a must while you’re in Canada! It was so delicious but make sure you order the vegan version as most of the options are meat.

Good Dogs Plant Foods

This eatery is in an ideal location for tourists in Vancouver as it’s almost in the middle of everything! Not only do they have fantastic loaded hot dogs as the name suggests but it’s also a great spot for brunch at the weekend. My favourites are ‘Hummus Where the Heart is’ Hash Bowl for brunch and ‘Thot dog’ with hand cut herb and garlic fries.

Bonus Bakery

Bonus bakery vegan Vancouver

I loved Bonus bakery so much I got carried away in an daydream and was thinking of moving to Vancouver just to work there. I wish I’d had more time in Vancouver if only to try more of their delightful offerings (I WILL be back one day). I had the Nanaimo cookie because I like to try things from the country I’m visiting and as Nanaimo bars have custard I thought this is going to be the closest I get! It was so nice with just the right amount of each flavour and it wasn’t too sweet. I really like to look off the pizza pretzels and the almond croissants look to die for.

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