Vegan Venice, Italy

The main island of Venice is not the easiest place to stumble upon vegan food but rest assured, if you spend a little time planning you can find the most delicious food! Here are some of my favourite places for your vegan Venice trip.

Best for Pizza

Pizzeria L’Angelo

This pizzeria in the heart of Venice has 5 vegan pizza options and at €8.50 per pizza they are every reasonably priced (and a very generous portion too). I had the vega with tomato, spinach, olives and vegan cheese with the tastiest crust!

Pizza vegan Venice

It’s takeaway only and you can’t sit on the steps of bridges in Venice (you’ll get a hefty fine!) so I suggest walking a few minutes to the piazza by Chiesa do Santo Stefanie where there are benches to sit.

Best for Gelato

Gelatoteca SuSo

This gelato shop near the Rialto Bridge has a few vegan gelato and sorbet options. I had a coconut milk based vanilla and cherry and a chocolate and raspberry too. It’s a great location for a gelato stop off on your way to or from all the tourist attractions.

Suso Gelato Venice

Best for Pasta

Dal Moro’s

All of the pasta is made without egg on site and they have a vegan sauce called Napoletana with toppings such as garlic, chilli and olives which you can add on. I really loved this pasta, you could tell it was fresh and the sauce had a lot of flavour. It’s take away only and we struggled to find anywhere to sit. I’d suggest the short walk through Piazza San Marco to find a bench along the water front.

Dal Moro’s vegan pasta

Best for a Treat

Crepes House By Pepe

This crepe shop has vegan savoury and sweet crepe options. Unfortunately for us it was closed the days we were there but I thought it deserves a mention as it was highly recommended. It’s in a quieter part of Venice, not too far from the train station so is a great place to get away from the crowds.

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