Vegan Yosemite Guide

We stayed for two nights in Yosemite lodge in Yosemite National park. I was a bit worried there wouldn’t be any vegan options in the restaurants there but I was pleasantly surprised. Here is my vegan Yosemite guide.

Yosemite Lodge has its own complex with a gift shop, bar, restaurant, counter food service canteen and even a Starbucks. We checked out Base Camp Eatery where there were three counters each with a different food. One with pizza, one with burgers and one where you could pick a main and two sides (there was an American option or a world flavours option). I found that the burger counter served a Beyond Burger! It was quite a basic burger with onion and lettuce but as I was expecting to live off crisps for three days it was a very welcome basic burger! At the counter where you could pick one main and two sides there was a vegetable stir fry and an eggplant stir fry with tofu. This might be vegan but I imagine the noodles that go with it may contain egg.

Vegan Yosemite Guide Beyond burger

Vegan Yosemite Guide Beyond burger

The Valley Shop has your usual accidentally vegan snacks including popcorn and crisps. It also had a variety of dried fruits. We picked up some dried Kiwi because I’ve never had it dried before.

Vegan Yosemite Guide Dried fruit

For lunch we picked up some food from Base Camp Eatery again. I had a massive vegan hummus wrap which was very tasty and fresh. It was the only lunch option for me there although there was also a pb&j sandwich I could have had from the canteen in the village.

Vegan Yosemite Guide Hummus wrap

Another place that may have added a vegan option since our trip is Degnan’s Kitchen which according to tripadvisor sometimes has a vegan sausage breakfast sandwich, a sandwich option for lunch and prepackaged hummus and pretzels.

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