Veganuary 2018

Veganuary 2018 is over and many people are going back to their normal diets or making small changes to involve less animal products. Some people will even be carrying on their vegan challenge.

I had already stopped drinking milk and eating eggs and meat so I was off to a good start. However, Christmas came and I was eating chocolate and cheese like it was going out of fashion.

Billy decided he was going to take part in Veganuary too and as a meat eater it was much more of a challenge for him. Apart from the one rogue quaver on his part, we have battled through and not a crumb has passed my lips!

The first week was hard because we weren’t very prepared and lunches were the most difficult. I am lucky enough to have a few really good vegan recipe books so dinners were easy and I ended up making extra so we could have the left overs for lunch the next day at work. I’d have been happy with a hummus sandwich and some chocolate bourbons but that’s not really an ideal diet is it?

toby carvery root vegetable roast

Once we started planning in advance it was much easier. I stocked up on beans and pulses and even batch made some things to put in the freezer. I also found lots of snacks and treats that were suitable for vegans including dark chocolate and Bourbon biscuits. Who said veganism was healthy? I found lots of tasty vegan food via the vegan kind subscription box. I have a review coming on Wednesday!

Going forward I will probably stay vegan as much as I can. I haven’t found a great cheese alternative but I don’t think I could go back to eating cheese again now because it seems a bit weird. The only think I think I will struggle with is chocolate. There’s loads of chocolates I can eat but there’s some of my favourites like Ferrero Rocher and Dairy Milk Whole Nut that I might have to have a little on special occasions (like at Christmas when Santa brings me a box of Ferrero Rochers).

v rev manchester

We also found some great vegan restaurants including Firenze in Nantwich (review coming soon!) and VRev in Manchester. Toby carvery also do a great vegan range for when you need a big plate of comfort food.

As far as baking goes, I am looking forward to posting some recipes that are not vegan but also to experimenting more with dairy free bakes. I have found that if you know what you’re doing you can fool anyone into thinking a cake is just a normal, run of the mill, eggy cake.

Vegan Chocolate Mint birthday Cake

I really hope that veganism becomes more and more popular after what seems to have been a popular veganuary 2018. I have seen a shift even in the last month and I hop that it lasts because there is a whole world of yummy food out there. I thought I had tried almost every food possible but this month alone I have added tofu, polenta, semolina and nori to my list of tried and tested foods!

propercorn review peanut butter and almond

If you’re interested in baking something vegan here is a list of my most recent vegan bakes –

And here are some of my favourite vegan products –

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That was really interesting to read, it’s certainly a lot easier to make vegan choices now that there is a lot more variety around and restaurants are picking up on it.

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