Zizzi Vegan Review

A couple of weeks ago I went to London to see Hamilton the musical (if you don’t know about it you need to check it out!) As I was searching for places near Victoria station to get a bite to eat I found that Zizzi has vegan options.

zizzi vegan menu

I’ve never been to Zizzi before so it was all new to me. It’s an Italian chain restaurant so they serve things like pizza, pasta and risotto. I could choose between a selection of vegan pizza, pasta or salad. I went for the vegan lentil ragu (I decided way ahead of time as usual) and I was so excited to give it a try. There’s loads of options for vegetarians and meat eaters too – Billy was going to have Spiedini Pescatore which is a ‘hanging skewer of king prawns, salmon, peppers and courgettes’ but they had ran out which was a little disappointing because it looked pretty spectacular. Instead he went for a ‘Sofia Rustica’ pizza which looked pretty good too and you can watch them make the pizza.

zizzi vegan lentil ragu

Our food arrived really quickly which was good for us since we had a show to get to. We did notice that people were being turned away because there were no tables so I guess they were trying to get a fast turnaround. My ragu was tasty and had a smoky flavour. I would say it needed more lentils and a stronger tomato flavour. It was on the menu as a vegan alternative to bolognese so I felt it needed to be a bit bulkier and have more sauce than there was. It was tasty and filling all the same. I also has a fresh apple juice.

The desserts looked amazing. I had my eye on the Chocolate Praline Fondante but I knew we were going to Crumbs and Doilies after the show and I’d get a cake there (spoiler – I got two cakes). We were only in the restaurant for 50 minutes so it’s great if you need a quick meal although I don’t know that every branch is that quick. I’ll be back again to try some vegan pizza!

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I’m not vegan but Zizzi is one of my favourites. I love that all the food tastes really fresh and you can see that they cook right in front of you. Although it’s a chain, I’d say it’s one of my favourite Italians.

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